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TESTIMONI KASIA GLAB/Rejosari to niewielka,


Rejosari is a small, exceptionally charming village located on the slope of Mount Sindoro. It is special due to the unique landscape, but also thanks to the extremely hospitable residents. It can offer more attractions than the average tourist expects: a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, healthy, high-quality food and unbelievable hospitality of the villagers. The God caused me to come here, my heart will remain forever in Rejosari.

During my stay, I could observe the everyday life of residents, their difficult work on vegetable plantations, sometimes even work with them. I saw how the Pancasila idea and the motto of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika work in practise and how the gotong royong looks like. This is an extremely valuable experience for my anthropological research.

KATARZYNA MARTA GLAB SWPS University of Social Sciencies and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland 

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